Our Services

Mechanic Department

This department comprises a high quality “Challenger brand” jack for vehicle lifting to provide all kind of services pertaining measurement, support, and observation.

Metal Works Department

This department comprises the highest quality of metal works specialists to provide our valued customers not only the best services but also to consult them with most reasonable ideas that can assist them in making the best choice.

Painting Department

This department comprises a high quality German made “SAICO brand” painting oven consuming the highest quality of paints not to mention our painting specialist with years of experience in the field to provide our customers with best quality of service.

Polishing Department

This Department comprises the highest quality of polishing specialists, the best quality of polishing tools to provide the customers with a high end top of the line polishing services.

Washing Department

This department provides the cleaning and washing services to our customers to ensure better appearance of the vehicle – it is provided along with any services obtained by the customers.

Other Services & Privileges

A luxuries reception/waiting area for customers while the service is taking place

A 24/7 security camera systems

A full insurance coverage against fire and theft

A full fledge fire alarming system for the whole premises